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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The woo factor

Back in 2011, I was hired to write a press release for "the enlightened K u n d a l i n i    K r i y a    Y o g a     Master    Y o g i r a j    G u r u n a t h    S i d d h a n a t h."

I spelled his name with spaces so Google won't trip on his name and show this blog. Can't be having clients track me down later to rip my head off because I expose them as Uri Geller types.

Woo Master Yogi Smith, as I call him cause I cannot pronounce his names, promised that 2012 was a "year of change."

Among the quotes in the article is this one:

“It is time for the second advent. It is time for the second advent of the Christ who was one with Krishna,” he says. “The 5,000 year cycle is complete and it is time for him to come to clear the negativity of the world and balance all creation.”

I did not make up that quote. Every quote in that press release (which has inexplicably vanished from the Internet) was supplied by Yogi Master Woo Smith. This is odd. Normally when I write press releases for hire (I am a word hooker. I write you long time), I make up quotes. Not this one.

Yogi Master Swami Smith also said 2012 was the end of 350 million year cycle and a 5,000 year cycle.

Lotta cycling going on there.

He said it would take a few years for things to get straightened out and those years would be marked by "turmoil." Some "souls" have to leave earth. Only said the souls would be "taken." Did not say how.

Makes me wonder if he was predicting the 2016 presidential election.

Here is some babble I generated from the information he sent about a psychic hoedown he planned in NYC - " Participants can expect to reach into the fifth dimension on a journey of blissful tranquility and crystal clarity. The experience will deliver a thoughtless awareness of the mind."

Yeah. I wrote that bit.

So, did anyone attend the free mental shindig in NYC? Did anyone get "thoughtless awareness of the mind?"

Other than Trump and Clinton, that is.

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