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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Jack & rack

It's not universal, but a lot of people say the best weapon for home defense is a shotgun. Of those who agree, most say a pump shotgun is best.

I'm in that crowd for non-lethal reasons.

You read that correctly. Non. Lethal. As in no one dies.

Before I go any further, I ask how many of you who poo-poo the idea or say I've lost mind have killed another human being?


How many of you have been involved in an actual gunfight?


How many of you have had to use a gun, whether fired or not, in self defense?


Could you kill someone? How would it affect you? It is seriously NOT easy to get over forcing someone to take a dirt nap.

This is why I say non lethal, even with a shotgun.


Jack & rack. That sound is not something you hear in nature. So far as I know, it's a found made by only one device, a pump shotgun being cycled.

A burglar breaks into your house. He hears that. He either has a fecal hemorrhage or keeps coming. If he needs to change his pants, then you have eliminated the threat, no shots fired. If you hear screams, you yell instructions, based on what you hear.

You might be drawing on a family member. Think about that.

If he keeps coming and you hear nothing, you know you are committed to killing someone.

You shoot to kill. Anyone who hears that sound and keeps coming is not there for good reasons. They intend harm.

You shoot to kill. Dead people cannot shoot back.

You shoot to kill. Dead people cannot testify in court.

While I'm here, I also suggest the Mossberg 500 series or the Remington 870 series as the best choice for home defense. The 20 gauge is ideal. My HD is a Mossberg 500 (and I truly believe having this gun is what kept me and my family from being killed 2.5 years ago) in 12 gauge. It doubles as a hunting and sporting shotgun. It's responsible for my only deer kill with a shotgun. Susan prefers it to her own Browning pump for shooting skeet.

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