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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tales from the Bananananna - some questions for y'all

Just took a survey at YouGov about school busses. Some interesting questions. So now, I ask you.

What can we do to make busses safer?

We have a disco worth of lights that go off when we flip switches to stop to collect or drop kids off.  People still zoom past. We have digital video cameras. But getting oncoming traffic car tags in the morning before the sun is up is next to impossible. Passing from behind, gottem nailed.

Would you like a tracking system? Log on to a website and see where the bus is on the route. GPS tracking.

Would you like live video from the bus?

Should a parent be standing outside before any child 3rd grade (or you pick the age) or younger is dropped off?

Would you like an automatic text message system telling parents if the bus is running late?

How long should a child be on the bus? Bear in mind in some very large rural counties, it may take 30+ minutes of straight driving to get from house to school.

Now how would you pay for all this without taking resources away from educating the chitlins?

Riding a bus today is far different from when I did it. Kids today do things that would have gotten me in SO much trouble years ago. Parents today just ignore it or say their child didn't do it. Show the video, they still say their child didn't do it. How would you handle this?

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