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Monday, September 26, 2016

Life in prison, death or starvation?

Those of us old enough to remember the wacky movie The Gods Must Be Crazy, recall the little bushman sitting in a cell staring at the window. The movie would have us believe he would have died, staring at the window and the freedom he lost.

I happen to believe orcas resent being kept in giant fish bowls. Not a fan of bird liver, but if you are, note pate can be made without force feeding. This kinda thing goes on and on. Which brings me to the Rant du Jour.

Because of well-meaning ninnyhammers, a preserve in Africa is gonna shoot some lions.

Don't take my word for it.

Please note preserve said they are willing to MOVE the lions IF suitable territory can be found for 'em.

• No human conflict.

• Won't get beaten up by existing prides.

• Can get money to effect the move.

These lions will be shot by the preserve owners. All right, they HIRE someone. Same difference. The government there will NOT collect the huge licensing and trophy fees associated with a lion hunt. The animals, probably, will be donated to area tribes. That's where the meat from these hunts go.

But trackers, bushmen, porters and guides won't get paid. Won't get tips. Won't earn much needed money.

All because a bunch of yappers who do not know what they are talking about got too excited because someone shot a lion with a radio collar.

If you yapped, please note: You are directly responsible for this lion cull. If there's a murderer anywhere in this, it's you. You yapped. People lost jobs. You yapped. Lions, being lions, overpopulated the preserve. You yapped. People lost money.

You gonna replace that money? You gonna send checks?

Didn't think so.

You gonna save the lions? How? Where? The preserve laid down the conditions.

'Cept there's another one. Zoos, if they can find a zoo to take some lions.

Wild animals, sentenced to life behind bars. Wonder if they'd rather die than be stuck in a tiny enclosure the rest of their life.

Some yapper is going to ask "Well what happened when free range lions overpopulated?"

They starved to death.

Someone is gonna say those lions were raised to be hunted. And? Any idea how many animals die daily to provide even the most devout vegans with food? If you eat any kind of meat, STFU now.

So lemme hit you upside yo haid with one more Clue X 4.

Would you prefer to starve to death, be locked in a tiny enclosure for the rest of your life and separated from everything you knew or be killed quickly?

C'mon keyboard warriors. Hit me with your best shot. Then, think about what you did to those lions.

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