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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Time to get over it

If this story is correct, that the US gummint intends to round up wild horses and turn the land over to cattle production, then... Well, a lot of people are quite excited about this.

There's a simple solution that costs taxpayers nothing and actually generate revenue.

Eat more horse.

It is legal in the US. I ordered some horse jerky from Great Britain. It was good, but so is beef, coon, buffalo, elk, gator and other animal jerky. Pretty much the only reason I ordered horse jerky from GB was so I could put horse on the list of animals I've eaten. I plan to add kangaroo, lion, ostrich and rhea to the list soon as I get money.

France has horse farms. Canada has processing plants.

Two ways to do this:

1) Let ranchers out west round up the horses.

2) Let hunters thin the herd.

Hunters will gladly pay for the privilege of hunting horses. You say no? Hunters pay mondo bucks to go to Africa to shoot zebras. What's the difference? Hunters in the US are already paying to hunt wild and feral sheep, wild and feral goats and Watusi.

The idea of eating horse is probably causing bile to rise in the throats of some reading this. I tell you that some people find the idea of eating cheese to be as disgusting as you find eating horse.

Before you technicolor yawn, lemme point out you are eating bugs pretty regularly. Alcoholic beverages, and medicines containing alcohol, are made from rotted fruit, grain and vegetables. The antibiotic Penicillin is a product of bread mold.

It was recently brought to my attention that the "Paleo Diet" is nothing of the sort. It does not include insects, grubs, wild bird eggs and carrion.

Some people are aghast at the horse roundup. The Humane Society of the United States says something else should be done, like birth control. Any time the HSUS wants to start horse birth control at its expense, have at it. Just don't use taxpayer dollars.

I'm also opposed to spending tax dollars to round up the horses.

If you are one who opposes this, on whatever grounds, then put your money where you mouth is. Pony up the bucks to do something else with these horses. Me? I'd pay to go on a horse hunt and gladly bring home meat to eat.

If you are not willing to drop some cash to support something you believe in, then you are not serious about it. If you are not serious, get out of the way of the people who are serious.

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