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Friday, September 23, 2016

Random observationings

The is not universal, but it is common.

The same groups that want to ban my AR-15 and other guns believe the police are enough to protect me. Then, they rip the police apart for a handful of cop-committed murders.

Pick one. Either the police can protect me or they are corrupt.

I pick neither. LEA (law enforcement agencies) are a reactive force the great majority of the time. They cannot protect me 24/7. Do I need that protection? No. I have a gun. I still believe this is the reason I'm intact today.

The person accused of this attack is serving life w/o parole for murder in another community.


If you have a major infection in your leg, do not worry about a hangnail on a toe.


Colds suck. The rhino virus family ONLY exists to irritate people.


I appreciate my haters. They inspire me to work that much harder to make this world a better place while all they do is complain. If you are a hater, thank you.


I need a nap.


If you hunt and kill deer or hogs and do not want them, the food bank does. Get aholt to me and between us, we'll figure some way to gettem to my house for processing for the food bank.


This week was too rough. Far too many people believe they cannot get by without me. Far too many people believe they can arrange my schedule.

If you demand I lead, then do not complain about the direction and the decisions. You probably can do better than me. Ready to take these reins? Then either take 'em, get out of the way or pitch in. Otherwise, yeah, I may run over you.

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