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Monday, June 22, 2015

Lies, damned lies, and statistics

Perhaps you have seen the Violence Prevention Center By Making Sure Criminals Can Kill You To Death Because You Can't Defend Yourself (or somesuch name) recently released study that shows innocent people approximately the population of New Zealand are killed for every criminal killed in a self-defense shooting.

I may exaggerate slightly. But no moreso than the VPC and it's studies. VPC reports are issued irregardless (that's for me bud Millie Puckett) of the facts.

The study seeks to show that for every self-defense death, several more innocent people are killed. This study absolutely ain't not never shown (der yaggo, Puckett) how many times a firearm is used in self-defense and that instance is never reported.

I speak from experience, several times over. Many times over if you count the times I have seen firearms used to present a show of force to deter criminal activity from happening to begin with.

Enough. MA has said it well. Her swiped commentary below and one more non sequitur at the very end from me.

As you have pointed out, Ben, you don't have to kill someone to defend yourself. As a matter of fact, it rarely happens. Most people defend themselves by chasing off the criminal, wounding them, or holding them until the police get there.

Even if you assume that every time people defend themselves, someone gets killed, how many people were being defended vs the one that got killed? Did we save 3 lives, 4, 10?

Likely every one of the people being defended were just as innocent as those innocent people that died. At least in some cases, they were likely more innocent, since at least some of those "innocent" people were idiots playing with guns that they should never have touched.

When someone decides to point a gun to their head and pull the trigger as a joke, only to find out that it wasn't as "unloaded" as they believed it to be, I don't consider them innocent.

I also don't count suicides as innocent victims. If they were competent and of age at the time, they have every right to kill themselves if they want to, and if they really want to, taking away their access to guns isn't going to stop them. I, of all people, know that.

The fact that I will likely never have to use my gun for self defense doesn't mean that giving it up would save a single one of those innocent people. What will prevent innocent people from dying from my gun is handling it and controlling it responsibly. I can only be responsible for my gun. Don't get me wrong. I do believe that there should be reasonable restrictions on gun ownership. But this is a stupid and meaningless statistic.

And just for me bud Puckett, alot is a word because I used it here and I am a professional writer.

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