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Friday, June 19, 2015

Just gimme those Stars & Bars

Born in the back woods
Raised by a bear
Double set of jaw teeth
Triple coat of hair

Beer gut belly

Cast iron bod
Born in the South
I'm a Rebel by God!

(Hush, Doc. I don't care that it's verse.)

Fire this up while you read the rest of this blog. MOLLY HATCHET!

Some of the ideals the Confederacy fought for, I wholly support, mainly the concept of a much more limited federal government. Some of the goals the South fought for in the War of Northern Aggression, I cannot support, mainly the idea that certain people are less human because of their appearance

I also fly the Stars & Bars. Proudly. If this offends you, please let me know so I can mark your name off my list.

To me the St. Andrew's Cross in blue and bordered with white and 13 stars all rampant on red is a matter or honor, pride, heritage, preservation, an acknowledgement of the sacrifices of men, women, children of many different groups. It speaks of a willingness to die for what is important. It is a rallying point of resistance against those who seek to impose their will on me and those who think like me.

To me, it represents freedom.

To some people is an icon of racism, repression, hate and slavery.

The ideals of the Confederacy, which I support are supported also in part by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. I don't back everything the SCV supports.

As of right now, nine states in the Union have SCV state license plates. Here y'ar:
The SCV petitioned Texas to do the same thing. Texas said no. The SCV sued. The matter went to the Supreme Court which handed down a split 5-4 decision which said Texas can say no. Nina Totenberg may be surprised that Clarence Thomas voted with the majority, but I ain't.

On the other side of the South, S. Carolina still waves the Stars & Bars over the capital and capitol. It was not long ago, to me anyway, that my home state of Georgia was embroiled in a controversy over having the Stars & Bars on the state flag. This issue was a major factor in the governor's race and led in part to that governor at the time losing his bid for another term in office.

Some people still buy and fly the Georgia State flag with a Confederate emblem on it. I am one. I do not have a current State of Georgia flag.

This is me. My decision. No one forced it on me.

Brace yourself.

All the above is why I side with SCOTUS's decision this week and why I say the Stars & Bars needs to come down from the state flag pole in Columbia, S.C.

The SCV is a political organization, It may argue otherwise. This one sentence puts the SCV squarely into the political realm, "The SCV rejects any group whose actions tarnish or distort the image of the Confederate soldier or his reasons for fighting."

The War and the repercussions are still a major political issue in this nation. The 13 Southern States and a few other HIGHLY select locations around the nation are subject to the provisions of the 1965 Civil Rights Act which no other state or region must follow.

S. Carolina flies this flag political reasons. There is no other reason to have any kind of banner on a state flag pole. The state is thumbing its collective nose at the federal government. As much as I appreciate the gesture, it is inappropriate for the state government to give voice to this kind of political speech.

Texas almost did it. The other nine states, and S. Carolina twice are putting an official seal of approval on a political ideology, a personal philosophy, a way of life. This is wrong. Government has no business in telling people how they should live (yes, Paul, there are some limits, but I beg off here for the sake of brevity).

If we allow the Stars & Bars to have an official stamp of approval, we must also allow this same seal to be applied to every other political ideology, way of life and personal philosophy. Shall we also hang Buddhist prayer flags? Do we mount Jainism idols on the capitol steps? Do we carve a swastika on the doors to the General Assembly hall? Must we plant flowers in the flower beds to make a rainbow of blooms? Does every meal served in the cafeteria have to have bacon? (I support this idea). Do the Masons get to have the compass, square and eye as an official stamp for approving documents?

English has no single word to describe the concept I'm after here. Rebel suggested we use term daffodils. I'm good with that.

Before you ask for daffodils, make absolutely sure you're willing to receive them in turn, because you will.

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