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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

G'head. Make My Day - Part I

As noted previously I am a proud Son of the South. I fly the Stars & Bars and proclaim my disdain for the overreaching federal government and its attempts to run everyone’s life.

In addition to that, I am a student of Plato and Socrates. A pretty poor student, but I’m trying to get better.

So lemme speak to the Stars & Bars Flag flap.

Some people say the flag needs to be discarded into the landfill of history. Forget it. Erase the memory of it from human kind.

Some people say it’s history and belongs in a museum. Don’t forget, but don’t celebrate either.

Some people say fly it proudly and remember the people who died trying to shed an oppressive federal government.

To all people, no matter their opinion, I say, “Read the history books. A lot of ‘em.”

Now let me speak to the people who are offended by the flag.

What makes your opinion better than someone else’s?

What gives you the right to determine my beliefs?

What gives you the right to decide for me?

Let’s get specific. What gives you the right to decide what flag I can fly, specifically the Stars & Bars?

“Because I find it offensive.”


“Good! Baker, you have lost your mind worse than ever before.”

Good. Glad you think so.

“You are an idiot.”

Don’t believe I have ever denied that. In fact, I take pride in you calling me an idiot.


When you are reduced to insulting me, have to rely on emotion instead of rational thought, then I win.

“No, you don’t.”

Not going to argue that point.

If you are offended by the flag, then what should we do with it?

“Get rid of it.”

Because it offends you?

“Yes. And it offends a lot of other people.”

Should we get rid of everything people find offensive? The US flag offends a LOT of people.

“What? They don’t matter.”

Really? The opinions of U.S.-born citizens don’t matter? What about things that offend me? Can we get rid of them too?

“Like what?”

How about your opinion? What if it offends me? Can we get rid of it?

“No. I have the right to free speech.”

But I don’t?

“I never said that.”

Yes, you did. You said get rid of things that offend you. If what I say offends you, then you say I should not be allowed to say it. If your right to not be offended must be protected, then my right to not be offended must be protected.

“You are an idiot. Besides which, that’s not what I meant.”

Another value-judgment and opinion. Is your opinion more valid than mine? Furthermore, I believe that’s exactly what you meant. If you intend to ban something you find offensive, should I be allowed to do the same?

“Wait a minute…”

Part II is below

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