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Thursday, June 4, 2015

If the truth hurts

I sit in my kitchen, supper cooking a few feet away. Covered in sweat from my 30-minute daily workout. Within one body length of where I sit are devices men 100 years ago could not imagine and devices that would be familiar 500 years ago and thousands of years ago.

I sit here penning this missive having spent 30 minutes in real exercise while reading The Way of Men.

The stove is cooking vegetables, vegetables I personally did not grow, but vegetables I learned how to grow as I in turn grew up. In the oven is a modern marvel of convenience, farm raised chicken, purchased at a grocery store.

Packed with that chicken is also meat I got right from the source. I walked into the woods. I found an animal. I killed it. I brought it home and prepared it for long term storage, some of which does not require canning or freezing.

I sit here wondering: What would Jack Donovan think of me if we met?

Donovan's book resonates within me. Everything he's said so far, spot on. Everything he writes, it is truth. Everything he references, this is reality.

He makes it very clear. The Way of Men will offend a lot of people.

This book spells it out in clear, simple, precise language.

Many people will deny this. They buck the weight of history. They rebel against the very world that is just around the corner from their neat, packaged, sanitized and pacific world. They deny, vigorously and with unrealized malice aforethought, exactly what happens within walking distance of where they live.

Yeah. This book epitomizes If the truth hurts, yer living wrong.

I received my copy from Mike Moore and, per his instructions, when I am done I must pass it on. It will be a sweat-stained copy, which I think Donovan would appreciate.

I will be buying a copy for my personal library and if I can afford it, some other folks will be getting a copy from me.

I paused just now. I read the Wikipedia entry of Mr. Donovan. I leave it to you look it up.

He still speaks truth to me. His words still resonate.

But his opinion of me? If Wiki is correct, his opinion of me continues to matter, but I no longer care about it.

Pursuant to the rules he's outlined in Way, I'm the one he needs to worry about.

If the truth hurts, yer living wrong.

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