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Monday, May 9, 2011

Go about halfway down to begin reading

Oratori senesceret gulosus matrimonii, quod quadrupei satis frugaliter conubium santet Caesar, quamquam umbraculi circumgrediet apparatus bellis, iam pessimus quinquennalis oratori conubium santet perspicax quadrupei.

Verecundus chirographi infeliciter deciperet cathedras, ut Octavius insectat matrimonii, et Medusa imputat apparatus bellis. Pretosius umbraculi conubium santet suis. Perspicax ossifragi vocificat concubine, iam tremulus umbraculi vix frugaliter fermentet Pompeii.

Satis lascivius agricolae vix spinosus vocificat fragilis zothecas, semper adfabilis fiducias agnascor pessimus bellus concubine, quamquam perspicax apparatus bellis imputat Octavius, semper plane parsimonia fiducias miscere Medusa.

Quadrupei satis celeriter fermentet agricolae, iam fragilis quadrupei vocificat incredibiliter quinquennalis chirographi. Saetosus cathedras verecunde iocari agricolae.

Ossifragi plane lucide deciperet vix lascivius agricolae. Adfabilis apparatus bellis agnascor bellus catelli, quamquam chirographi divinus circumgrediet adfabilis syrtes, et perspicax agricolae comiter adquireret apparatus bellis, etiam tremulus catelli suffragarit Caesar.

Satis adlaudabilis apparatus bellis iocari verecundus agricolae. Rures senesceret catelli. Matrimonii amputat oratori, et saetosus cathedras pessimus verecunde senesceret concubine.

Aquae Sulis adquireret cathedras. Oratori agnascor quadrupei. Vix quinquennalis matrimonii imputat satis bellus saburre, etiam chirographi frugaliter senesceret concubine. Fragilis syrtes vocificat concubine. Verecundus agricolae suffragarit apparatus bellis. Octavius senesceret fiducias. Quadrupei libere agnascor Caesar, et optimus adlaudabilis rures suffragarit aegre verecundus zothecas.


Don't bother trying to read the above text (except for the all caps header. It's Latin gibberish, literally. While each word is an actual Latin word and each sentence is an actual sentence in Latin, there's no meaning behind it.

In a previous effort to beat the ads that pop up, I started stringing periods. My brother now tells me this joint is adding additional ads to cover that space. So, I fired up QuarkXpress this morning and jabbered.

Quark is the program I use to lay out the newspaper.

Jabber is a Quark feature that strings text into a box so you can see how it will lay out before you actually place the text you want. You can jabber in a variety of languages, including Klingon. I chose Latin because Shag is a Latin teacher and it's gonna annoy him immensely that he won't be able to read the Latin jabber.

It's what siblings do to each other.

Meantime, if the ads start blocking the text again, do let me know, eh?

Alternately, get Firefox for your browser and get the Ad Blocker extension and you can block the ads yourself. It's what I do.

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