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Friday, May 13, 2011

Giving you what you don't want.

NOT the current president.
Define change.

I will. In an image.

This man needs to be our next leader.
Recognize him?

He's running for president.

He's got my vote.

He's got my support.

He's got my backing.

I got his back.

I do not agree with him 100 percent, but I agree with the great majority of his platform, positions and past votes.

He is the man who wants to bring real change. His voting record in Congress proves it. You can't say that about the current president or any for the past 40 years and back it up empirically.

In a recent candidates forum, Ron Paul was questioned about his desire to legalize drugs, heroin in particular, and a whole buncha other things, prostitution included.

His response? "How many people here would use heroin if it were legal? I bet nobody would."
That's how it happens.

I do not intend to rehash the tired arguments on prohibition here.

I am here to tell you there is a real candidate for change running for president. A real candidate who will reject the crap Congress passes and the current and past presidents pass. It will take a super majority in Congress to get the fertilizer passed if Ron Paul occupies the Oval Office.

He'll wear out some veto stamps.

I will not tell you Ron Paul will be successful in furthering his agenda if elected president.

He probably won't get much done.

Like all presidents, he will have Congress. Not to work with. Not to deal with. He will have Congress to contend with far moreso than any president in the history of our nation.

Sparks will fly. Washington will become a state of gridlock unlike anything we have ever seen. Ron Paul will not back down. Well. He hasn't backed down so far. I seen no reason for him to succumb to the political fence straddling so common these days.

The demagogues in Congress will be united like never before and the political pundits on all sides will sprain jaw muscles as they pontificate.
And I mean it.

But, Ron Paul will make a stand. His history shows he won't back down. He can be defeated, and has been in the past, but he has never lost. He has always stood by what he said and meant it.

Ron Paul will stand for change. He may not get it, but it won't be because he compromised. It will be because he was over ridden.

Ron Paul is the candidate who will give people what they absolutely do not want.

Their life.

Ron Paul is the candidate who wants to turn your life back over to you.

Most people will find that idea extremely offensive. Most people are not interested in running their own life.

Ron Paul and I are also not interested in running their life or your life. You run it. Leave us out of it. We'll definitely leave you out of ours.

Go Ron Paul!

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