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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Terror on 4 legs

Yevver been attacked by a dog?

I have. Have the scars to prove it. The dog that attacked me lasted maybe another 2 minutes.

One of my dogs was killed for attacking a child. I told my dad to do it as I didn’t think I could pull the trigger.

Dogs that attack children don’t live long around me. I kill ‘em.

The Old Man’s dog jumped my daughter last time we were up there. He barely talked me out of killing the dog. When we go back if the dog jumps another child, I will kill it, right there on the spot no questions or quarter given.

I’ll put a bullet in it and if I don’t have a bullet, a knife will do the job.

Another of my dogs bit an adult when that adult got between her and my children. In this case, I don’t have a problem. Athena was protecting my children against what she saw as a threat.

Children, any children could do whatever they wanted with Athena. If she had too much, she’d leave.

Dogs panic people. This officer may be one who was afraid of dogs. So when the dog charged, he shot it.

The dog was protecting his territory, doing his job. I don’t fault the dog a bit.

Some of you are gonna wonder why the officer didn’t taser the dog. I can’t get in the officer’s head to tell you, but I can tell you a taser might not have penetrated through the hair to the skin.

Further, hitting a moving target with a taser ain’t easy. I recently witnessed a deputy attempt to taser a wild hog at a couple of yards distance. The hog was still. One electrode hit the hog and the other sailed past.


Second guessing is easy to do. But I still ask, what would you do?

Me? I dunno. I’ve been charged by dogs and have always gotten them to stop. The one that attacked me got me from behind and by surprise.

I have pulled a gun on charging dogs as well, again the dog stopped.

I have been chased on my motorcycle by dogs. If it’s a place I frequent, I stop, get off and have a talk with the dog. Literally. Sometimes I have to speak to the dog a second time, but it does quit chasing me.

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