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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Change? Change? There is no change.

Are you a member of the Tea Farty?

Get mad. G’head. I started to say I insult Reoobicans and Damnocrats so I see no reason to not use the same paint brush to slather members of the newest group of professional hypocrites to hit Washington D.C.

But I don’t insult them. I cogently and accurately describe them in the vernacular I use. Same with the Tea Farty.

Get mad.

Then read this.

Telling quote from the story: But the 52 members of the newly formed caucus sought 764 earmarked spending projects for their states and districts, valued at just over $1 billion in the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, according to the Citizens Against Government Waste's "Pig Book."

I will admit to NOT being the smartest person on the planet. I also freely admit that I don’t know anything. That’s why I ask questions.

So some questions.

If the Tea Farty is supposed to cut spending, why request $1 billion in pork?

Where is the accountability? Where is the responsibility? Where is the honesty? What happened to campaign pledges?

I will note not all the Tea Farty coalition folks in Congress did request earmarks. At least they didn’t this time.

“Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) founded the Tea Party Caucus for lawmakers who were supported by the aggressively conservative movement or share its goals of limited government and reduced federal spending. Bachmann was not on the earmark list.”

There are others in Congress who are complaining about the pork. At least they complain right now.

But when the phone calls from mayors, County Commission chairmen, Authority members start coming in requesting money for various projects, you’ll see the pledges to cut spending go out the window.


The problem is the people who voted for “Change” in the past two elections merely flipped the coin over to look at the other side.

That’s not change. That’s just a slight shift in the point of view for the same subject.

Change will not come as long as people continue to vote for Reboobicans and Damnocrats, no matter what coalition they claim to support and no matter what promises they issue on the campaign trail.

You want real change? Vote for a real third party candidate.

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  1. Ben, Michelle Bachman was not in line for the pork? OK, might I suggest that she is too lacking in pork brains to find the end of the line? As my Dad would have said, "That gal is a cutter."


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