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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pushin' back

I watched, as did a bunch of people, the live Census ‘cast yesterday.

I watched from my computer.

I also spent a good deal of time using strong language.

The problem was the census is conducted once every 10 years. This means once a decade, a few government bureaucrats get to take center stage for the entire world.

They must, of course, blather.

They spent 30 minutes congratulating each other and talking about how important the census is.

Never mind everything they said was ignored. They had control and they were gonna use it to inflate their egos.

This infuriated me. Had I been in Washington sitting there in the media room with lots of other reporters, I’da been muttering, twitching and complaining.

This is also typical of bureaucrats. Rather than do what’s important, necessary and what is wanted, they talk or push paper. It’s what they do to continue to justify their jobs. Rather than do the job, they talk about doing the job.

Rememebr this is the Census we’re talking about, a Constitutionally mandated function of the federal government.

It’s also a glaring symptom of the problems inherent in our government.

But this time, rather than being stuck in a live audience, I was part of a cyber audience and got to vent, thanks to internet technology.

The Census folks invited Twitter questions. So I gave ‘em.

Here, in reverse order is the stuff I slung at ‘em, provided I did it correctly.

Wiregrass Farmer


@USCensusBureau WE WANT NUMBERS not back patting.

@USCensusBureau SHUT UP. Give us numbers already

@uscensus - Less blather. More results.

@USCensusBureau In 2000, rural areas felt they were dramatically undercounted. How was this addressed this time?

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