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Monday, December 13, 2010

Fighting for … well, what are we fighting for?

Talked with BA over the weekend. Among the subjects was terrorism and terrorist attacks.

According to independent monitors, the country which suffered the most terrorist attacks over the past 12 months (so sayeth BA) is Pakistan.

Pakistanis killing Pakistanis.

One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

Afghanistan is sometimes called the Graveyard of Empires. Great Britain moved in, got beaten to a bloody pulp and exited stage get the hell out. The Soviet Union, which shared a border at the time, also attempted to impose Soviet rule in Afghanistan.

Ripped to pieces and shredded like a confidential document, the Great Bear also pulled out.

So here cometh the United States. What made our leaders believe they could do something the other countries couldn’t?

Excessive stupidity in the guise of super patriotism.

The only solution to Afghan is to seal the borders and shoot anyone attempting to leave.

Don’t like the idea? Tough.

The only thing that unites Afghans is an outside aggressor. The invader leaves the Afghanis resume killing each other, which they have been doing for 1,000 years. When 5 year olds tote Kalashnikovs and learn to shoot anyone who acts differently, they will not lay down their guns when they turn 21.

All they know is fighting. It defines them. They will fight till they die.

Get used to the idea.

Terrorism, if you want to be realistic about it, is as old as humanity.

What country is most in danger of a terrorist attack? Eyeball this.

There is a major problem with this information. It puts lie to the idea that the United States and other countries are major targets of terrorism because of our capitalistic economies and our world involvement, especially support for Israel.

In fact, the biggest danger from terrorism, if you look at the real figures, are Muslim extremists trying to kill each other.

Yeah. A religion of submission.

The simple fact is ever since Mohammed died, his followers have been killing each other to death over their interpretations of the Koran and who is supposed to lead Islam and who ain’t.

I tellya. Reminds me too much of the Christian Church.

Yeah. I said it. I meant it and the historical record backs me up. You don’t have to believe me. Furthermore, Christians continue to kill Christians all over the planet.

The history of religion is a history of violence. More people have died in violence in the name of religion than anything else.

In that regard, adherents Christianity are not on the moral high ground compared to Islamists. They both stand in neck deep mud.

Dot not believe that atheists have clean hands either. Atheists have long persecuted those who have a religious faith. Agnostics, because of their inherent uncertainty, may be less guilty but they too have taken to bloodshed over differences of religion.

I wonder what God thinks about all the violence.

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