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Monday, April 27, 2015

I ain't a racist ... or am I?

Crost my FB thread this morning comes a link to a crowdfunding site raising money for the gent behind the VSU flag flap. Yer not getting a link to it from me.

I admit to not having a clue how other people think unless they tell me. The gal behind this campaign tells me exactly how she thinks in her rants on the fundraising page. For that matter, so did that the guy behind the flag protest, if I am to believe the media reports.

Dunno what your definition of racism happens to be, but the sewer system these two are spouting is my definition of it.

I ain't racist. I hate everybody equally. AR HAR HAR!

I don't hate people because of their tan lines. That'd be like hating someone because of their hair color. Why? What's the point? There are plenty of reasons to dislike someone, reasons that have everything to do with how that person acts, thinks and talks.

That kind of stuff can be controlled. You can control what you say. You can control what you think. You can control what you do.

Aside from serious medical intervention, you cannot control how tall you are.

You absolutely cannot control who your ancestors from 100 years ago happen to be.

Control what you can. Let the rest slide.

When it comes to the stuff you CAN control, yeah.

I ain't a racist, but (yeah yeah, I know, nothing good ever comes next) I'll bet you the gal behind that fundraising campaign and the guy behind the flag protest will tell you I'm racist.  I'd like to see their criteria for defining a racist.

Ah so.

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