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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Faith in humanity restored

Now that is class. Citizens lining up to protect the police on W. North Ave. in Baltimore.
This image is from the Black Flag Tactical page on FB.

It clearly shows men standing in front of police officers in Baltimore to protect the officers from rioters.

Images like this and the video purported to be of a momma clobbered her son for being one of the rioters remind me that the world does have good people.

This morning on NPR aired an interview with a young man who looted stores. He was speaking the morning after his rampage and was aghast at what he'd done. He pointed out his community no longer had a place to shop, nowhere to buy groceries, shoes and so forth.

Remorse is good.

Standing up to those who do wrong is better.

Black Flag has plenty of comments on the above picture, including this one from Zach Colton: "Haha i keep seeing words like "real men" "leadership" and "community"....all things that pigs know nothing about."

I'll just let that comment rest there.

Far more common are comments like this from William John. "Mad respect for all those gentleman assisting the police to take back their streets. Even prouder to see the gentleman with the American flag on his shirt and American flag Bandana. Time for American's to come together as 1 UNITED, instead of the scum trying to rip us all apart."

When I linked the image to my page, me bud Jeff Wilson had this to say: "Actually, showing the bad is all its perverse glory is critically important. Why would good rise up if we remain ignorant of what we are facing? Just showing the response to evil will lead to questions about imbalance and inappropriateness of response- like showing a criminal being taken down by police, without having knowledge of the gunfight and 45 minute car chase that preceded it."


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