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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

More cooperation, please

Consider this a heartfelt request for more cooperation from all'a y'all.

I need help. If you will simply do a bit more on your part – I'm doing the bulk of the heavy lifting here anyway – things will go a lot smoother.

Here's what I need you to do.

Follow the script.

You cannot imagine how many hours I spend (not many because I have far more important things to ponder, like what color my hair should be next week) thinking and planning these massive arguments I get into with all'a y'all.

I plan these debates out. Point. By. Point.

On every topic, I come up with a list (one) of discussion points. I carefully (not really) plan out my side of the discussion.

Then, and this is where the problem comes up, I plan out YOUR side of this roundtable (sometimes). All you have to do is follow the script. Some improvising is OK, certainly. Don't wanna cramp your style. But you MUST stick the general outline.

I've provided a handy list for y'all to follow.

• Stop bringing up extraneous points.

• Do not deviate from the outline by changing the crux of each of your replies which I have thoughtfully and painstakingly prepared.

• No insults.

• No whining.

It is entirely fine and expected that you do disagree with me. I can even handle ending the discussion with you still disagreeing with me, even though you are wrong. This should be rare.

For my sanity, you must stick to the course and stop interjecting things I have not planned.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this. I look forward to having all of you agree with me more often.

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