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Sunday, November 20, 2016

This ain't a buffet

Had a bit of a revelation this morning. Not in church either.

The revelation led me to ask a question, especially of parents. The question is even more directed at those who support Abominable Care and other initiatives put forth by previous presidents, the outgoing president, by the incoming president and by the incoming president's chief competition in the recent election.

Before I drop the question, a statement - This ain't a buffet. This ain't a cafeteria. This is a chow line. You take what is served, period. You ain't got to eat it, but if you don't, the repercussions are going to be worse than you can imagine.

If the truth hurts, yer living wrong.

So, the question - Why are you willing to kill your child to have the National Health Care Act?

OK, not your child. Your spouse. Someone equally close to you. Yourself.

I have not lost my mind. I remind you, this ain't a buffet. You take what is served, you take all of it and you do not get to pick and choose.

Rephrase: Why are you willing to kill people to get Abominable Care?

If you are still reading, and I suspect I have lost most of my readers now, I will explain to the two who are left.

This ain't a buffet.

You get what the POTUS serves up. You get all of it. If you support the POTUS, then you support everything he does. This is a binary equation. Yes or No. There is no pick & choose. It is all or nothing.

Someone may be spitting and hissing right now. If the truth hurts, yer living wrong. I remind you of this: You do not get to pick which US laws apply to you and which laws do not. This ain't a buffet.

The current POTUS served up Abominable Care. The POTUS also served up more war. 2,499 soldiers have died in the wars under Obama. I picked Obama because he's there right now. I can do the same with any president of your choice.

If you supported this POTUS, you are as guilty of killing them as he is. Both are more guilty in my mind than those defending their land. We invaded. They fought back. Someone breaks into your home, would you them run roughshod?

"No, I am not guilty of those deaths."

This ain't a buffet. You can say you separate the actions, but this reality we both share says the same man did both. If you support the man, then you support the man. Period. Which part of the man do you support? HIs left hand? His right hand? His spleen? Not his heart and not his liver?

Estimates top 30,000 people killed over there under Obama. These are fighters, men and women just trying to make a living and children.

How many innocent people have to be blown apart by bombs to make sure you get health care? How many children have to be orphaned? How many lives have to be literally ripped apart to make sure you can go to the doctor for any reason? How many people have to die so you can get government supplied benefits using my money?

If you are willing to accept the death of American soldiers, then why don't you join the military? Why don't you die?

If you are willing to accept the suicides of far more US soldiers because they cannot get the help they need DESPITE ABOMINABLE CARE, when can we expect you to off yourself?

If you are willing to accept the death of children in other countries at the hands of the POTUS, will you place your own child on the altar of death?

I hear you. I've lost my ever-lovin' mind. If you truly believe this, then explain to the parents of a dead US soldier why that soldier's death was necessary to achieve the National Health Care Act. Tell the orphaned 5-year-old with a missing arm that his parents had to die because you need health insurance.

This ain't a buffet. You don't get to pick and choose. It's everything all at once.

I look forward to your evasions and rationalizations.

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