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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Half off

A Georgia legislator has prefiled a bill for January seeking to ban the sale of "assault" rifles and large capacity magazines in Georgia.

The bill has about as much chance of passing as I do of winning a beauty contest.

In an interview with Georgia News Network, the legislator said the ban is something "half of Georgians want."

Really? Which half?


The problem here is cognitive dissonance (no surprise there) on the part of State Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver, D-Decatur.

"Half" is the problem.

What if it is 51 percent of Georgians who want these weapons banned? That's a majority.

What if 49 percent want these weapons to stay legal? That's a minority.

Oliver and the statists like her enjoy playing the numbers game. They have no problem calling for majority rule UNTIL that majority rule bodyslams their views of what is right and wrong. When that happens, the minority must be protected.

Pick one. Either one. I'm good with it.

But trying to have both? Majority rule and minority protection from majority rule?

Might as well try to drive east and west at the same time in the same vehicle.

If you are paying attention to the current state of politics, this is exactly what we have. Majority rule is OK as long as no one is offended. If that happens, it's wrong and the minorities must be protected from the totalitarian rule of the masses.

Minority protection is OK unless is bucks the wishes of the majority. If that happens, then minority are just a bunch of whiners and should not be allowed to dictate to the masses.

Pick one. I like majority rule myself.

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