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Monday, August 8, 2016

You want Dr. Moreau's Island?

Because this is how you get Dr. Moreau's Island.

Or, has it already happened?

For those who wonder who Dr. Moreau is.

Should we allow mixing of genetic material? In the interest of preserving some dignity here, I won't go into interspecies relationships with one side being human.

The kind of mixing taking place here is done in labs under controlled conditions. If this goes through, the created whatever won't make it to maturity. Maybe. The NIH proposed guidelines call for destruction at 14 days.

This story is not getting a lot of traction with the public. It is covered, pretty well, by the media so complaints that the story is being buried are nonsense.

I suspect the reason the public is not paying attention is because this is a complicated issue, it is done in a lab and the public at large is more concerned with who the Karcrashians are presently bonking. Should one of TV's first family decide to swing in another tree entirely, maybe that would get some attention.

This is a major matter. This is as important as North Korea's nukes, who will be reviled by the nation for the next four years, Russia, the $400 million bribe the POTUS just paid out and a bunch of other things. It is as important as gene splicing to create RoundUp-immune pigweed. Maybe moreso.

Add this. China is already doing it.

The metaphorical cat is out of the bag. It is running loose. I predict it won't be long until CatWoman is a reality and not some sexy woman dressed in leather or vinyl.

Then what? I'm not sure I can wrap my brain around it.

In the Island of Dr. Moreau, the mad scientist du jour was kicked out of everywhere on the planet. Mr. Wells' novel envisioned a kind of utopia where such research had to be done out of sight, out of mind.

This reality says, t'ain't so. China has already proven it will do whatever it wants to regardless of international pressure. The US government has a long history of ignoring the law and pressing ahead with often vile experiments.

Technology, once discovered, is going to be used. If history teaches us anything, that technology will be used for what I have to call evil.

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