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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Things I wonder about

SCIENCE! tells us there are now 5 states of matter. The usual suspects:

solid, liquid, gas, and plasma

Now, SCIENCE! has come up with yet another state of matter, the "quantum spin liquid."

I seriously doubt that I'm the only person who believes SCIENCE! is missing a few entries in the "States of Matter" entry in Wikipedia.

Here are my top contenders.

E=MC2. If this is true, the matter exists in another state, a state of energy. In my mind this goes a long way to explaining "potential" energy. I have long viewed "potential" energy as a crock of fertilizer that SCIENCE! made up to explain away something the scientists can't otherwise explain.

Neutron star. I suppose this qualifies as a solid, but does it really? From what SCIENCE! says, it is not matter as we understand it.

Black Hole. We now know (coughcough) that things can escape a black hole. But what about the stuff that does not. What happens to it? What state is the matter in a black hole?

Light. Light is a wave and a particle. Light also does a lot more stuff that boggles science. If it is a particle, then it is a substance. Being a substance, what state of matter is it?

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