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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

More'n you axed for

Ever want something a lot? Then, you got what you wanted only to discover it was most emphatically not what you wanted. You tried to get rid of like it was radioactive beagle poop.

This violent rejection happens when we don't think things through. We WANT! NOW! Damn the consequences, full self-gratification ahead!

You want negative consequences? Because this is how you get negative consequences!

Down here in The Bible Belt you can step out on the street and yell "PRAYER IN SCHOOLS!" and be met with a chorus of "amens!" But, I have to ask, whose prayer?

How about the Satanic Temple?

And now, the sounds of splodey heads.

Yes, they can do this. Yes, they will try to do this. They may succeed.

Darn that pesky First Amendment! Don't like that? How about a Biblical 2x4 upside yo haid? These passages demand that we obey those in authority over us.

"But but but but this is about God and obeying Him!" say Bible believers.

Yes? And?

"Allowing satanists into schools is just wrong."

May be. But as long as it is voluntary, the Bible says believers cannot stop it. Even if it is mandatory they cannot stop it.

Furthermore, if God really wanted to stop it, He'd do it.

Sometimes, God lets us plow right ahead and lets us get smacked in the face with the consequences of our decisions. The Old Testament is full of times when Israel walked away from God and got clobbered. Sometimes, that's the only way we will learn. Sometimes, even that doesn't work. Israel kept getting clobbered.

How many times must we be pounded into subatomic particles before we learn to think before acting?


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