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Monday, April 25, 2016

Calm down Benjamin...

Must do a better job of remembering everyone is NOT a journalist and everyone is NOT interested in making sure articles they write are 100 percent correct.

Hard to do.

Must also try to remember that other people are not grammar nazis and don't really care how they word stuff as long as they can hit send, even if it does present factually correct information.

All that said, I will admit that when I hit the send button on a recent thread, I suspected I was getting into an argument I could never, ever win, not even with incontrovertible facts on my side. I am very leery anytime I come across someone who immediately identifies as a feminist. Been clobbered one too many times just because I happen to have a X and a Y chromosome and I can think for myself.

When these feminists are also on the fringe in other beliefs, yeah. That piled up enough strikes against me to lose that metaphorical ball game without going to the plate even once.

Must do a better job of not arguing with people over idiotic stuff. If it doesn't matter, let it ride.

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