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Monday, April 18, 2016

Yeah, Obama has it right this time

That is not a typo. I am in agreement with the current POTUS.

I wish to point out the current crop of presidential candidates, Reboobican and Damnocrat alike, are opposed to the POTUS.

At issue a bill pending in Congress allowing US survivors and survivor relatives of the 9-11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia in US courts.

Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad idea.

This bill does several things.

It pisses of the Saudis. Do you really want to go there? We're already fighting losing propositions in the Middle East. The Saudis, right now, are our allies.

Saudis could easily jack the price of oil to where we're paying more than twice the top price for gas not long ago. If the ME shuts off the pumps to the US, then South America will follow suit.

The Saudis are threatening to dump T bills. Well, ok, that one is not bad. I wish they'd dump 'em.

We've gone to war more than once over business interests (oil). We don't need to do it again.

Most dangerously, it sets a precedent. Sovereign governments are that. If they are going to be held accountable to US laws, then the US will be held accountable to their laws. Sharia law haters may begin gnashing of teeth and wailing.

You say we SHOULD be able to sue Saudi Arabia for what happened.

OK, what happens when the Saudis and a whole bunch of other countries decide their citizens can sue the US in their courts?

Didja think that through? US citizens enter one of those countries and are immediately seized because the US is guilty of something. Residents are already at risk in some countries. This bill will make things much, much worse. Foreign governments, which already don't need encouragement, will use this bill as a pretext to start capturing and holding US and US citizens' assets.

Do you really want to be held personally accountable for the POTUS-order drone strikes?

This begs another question - how can the US force the Saudis to show up in court?

And another - what assets can be seized? The Saudis are already threatening to dump T-bills. US officials are pooh-poohing this, saying that would be even more destabilization of international markets than the Saudis will tolerate. (Ok, I still say lettem do it.)

You can bet they will dump if the option is to have those financial documents seized. Then what? What about that market crash the US officials are predicting? Besides which is the Saudi dump T Bills or those are seized you can bet other countries will dump & run too. (Yeah, lettem do it.)

Think it through. It's just a bad idea.

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