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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Done splainin'

You read the title right.

I am done trying to explain the First Amendment and gettin' reeeeeeallllly close to being done 'splainin' the Second Amendment.

Folks will not accept logic, reason and what the law actually says, on either one. Or most of the Constitution for that matter. I will continue to try and explain other parts of the Grand Document as I'm not weary of that.

Read the Amendments.

Understand the times in which they were written.

Note that the Amendments protect us from the government. The Amendments protect us from government overreach into our lives.

When ya get done with that, read what the Constitution framers had to say about the Amendments. Remember they'd just gone through a war for the right to establish those Amendments.

If, at the end of all this, you are still convinced that the only way to solve the gun violence is to ban guns, g'head.

Expect resistance.

How far are you willing to go? Some of our ancestors were willing to go so far that they died to support their view.

Will you do the same?

If you are not willing to die to support the cause you believe in, then you don't really believe in it at all.

And, I'm done explaining.

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