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Friday, January 5, 2018

Lest ye forget

Much hullabaloo is made of presidential supporters backing the current Liar in Chief (LIC), despite how often the current LIC is wrong.

These people ridicule LIC supporters for their unwavering support in the face of reality. Witness Sara Sanders and her statements which not only <a href= "">fly in the face of intelligence</a>, but attempt to put a beat down on it.

Laugh if you wanna.

But this kind of completely blind support of the LIC is common.

It happened with the immediate past LIC too.

I asked people who supported the immediate past LIC why they supported him.

"He's doing a great job," was the reply.


"He's doing a great job," was the reply.

Canya be specific? I asked.

"He's doing a great job," was the reply sometimes. Sometimes I got dumb looks. Sometimes I got vitriol. Sometimes I got personally attacked. Being called racist was common.

So, I listed the LIC's "accomplishments" and asked his supporters what they thought of that. Yes, I specifically targeted the "accomplishments" to be the political opposite of the person I questioned.

I asked orthodox religious people about things like the LIC's support of gay marriage and abortion.

I asked those on the left about rising gun sales and allowed guns in national parks.

I didn't bother asking those on the right.

I was met with outright denials.

"He never did that. He didn't say that,"

Or, I was met with dumb looks. Or, I was met with hostility.

I was met with blind support of the LIC  in full defiance of reality.

So, yes, go ahead and ridicule the supporters of the current LIC.

How are you different in your support of your favorite LIC? How much reality did you reject to support your favorite LIC? How many of that LIC's lies did you believe?

When the truth hurts, yer living wrong.

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