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Friday, April 7, 2017

Fallout and simple solutions

Nuclear options create radiation issues that last for a long time.

Gotta lot of nuke stuff going on these days, all of which may last as long as humanity does and some may last longer.


Georgia Power argued for, and got, permission to build another nuclear power plant in the Peach State. As of right now, the plant is massively over budget and well past deadline with no end in sight. If you'd asked me about this back when Ga Power first brought the idea up, I'da told you: It will be massively over budget and it will be massively delayed. Possibly, it will never be completed.

Welcome to 2017.

Georgia Power customers are on the hook for this one. How deep that hook goes remains to be seen.

The Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) oversees privately owned utility monopolies in the state. The PSC, an elected board just like the State Legislature, Governor, et al, was the board that gave Ga Power the OK to proceed.

Like nearly everything I come across, this too has simple solutions.

Take the board of directors for Westinghouse Electric. Put each one of them into a max security jail until the plant is finished. They lied. They said the plant would cost $X million. They said the plant would be finished on X date. Jail time.

Get a new board. Either the plant gets on track or they go to jail too. Eventually, the plant will be constructed. 


Kim Jong "Cute Chubby Babyface And Not Licensed To" Il has nuclear weapons. Right now they are more of a threat to his own country than anyone else.

Yes, "he." Tubby Chubby is an absolute dictator. The people making this stuff for him do so to stay alive and keep their families alive.

He also has intercontinental missiles. Yeah, they are about as effective as lawn dart right now, but he is gonna get to the point where he can land one Hawaii or Los Angeles. What then?

Solution: The US can precision drone strike to take out civilians on the other side of the planet. Oh. Yeah. We can kill civilians but it took 15 years to find Osama Bin Deaden. Hrm.

Solution: Get China to stop him. We simply stop buying anything made in China. Their economy collapses. They stop the 4th Beastie Boy and we go back to buying iPhones and cheap crap.


The US Senate under ReDamnocraptican leadership has invoked the nuclear option on debate. They did this in order to maintain plausible deniability after voting to approve President Obama's federal judge appointments. Yes huhn.

Now the ReDamnocraptican leadership is going nuclear to maintain plausible deniability after voting to approve SCOTUS appointments.

Plausible deniability = "Hey. They changed the rules so we could not stop the appointment from going through." Except the word "they" is a lie. The correct word is "we."

Solution: Quit voting for incumbents. We have term limits. S'called elections. Do not hand me the bullshit that "money buys elections." No, you vote for incumbents, despite having a plethora of other candidates to choose from. That ain't money. That's a lazy ass not taking enough initiative to vote for someone other than an incumbent. Don't hand me more bullshit like "I don't know anything about the other candidates." I'll just say, "We have heart-lung machines that can pump your blood and breathe for you. We can feed you intravenously. So all you have to do is lie there comatose, which is pretty much what you are telling me is your life ambition."


All this amuses me.

Those decrying any particular nuke option say the rights of the minority must be protected.

Yes. As long as the ones doing the bitching are the minority. When another minority group starts bitching, they are just a bunch of whiners and need to be slapped.

By "rights" they all mean "the way we want it and to hell with what you want."

Those calling for the nuclear options generally a quite shortsighted. They only look as far as the results they want. They don't care about fallout. They don't care about repercussions. 

Anything past the immediate results they must have does not exist, cannot exist and will not exist.

The hell of it is, they are right. Push that nuke button enough and none of us will be around to see what comes next.

And that is the simple solution.

The hard solution is: Get up. Think. Accept the consequences for your choices.

Never happen.

Everything I state above is nothing but your decision and the consequences. You get exactly what you ask for and then have the unabashed gall to whine. You will not try to change things. You rinse and repeat and expect a different outcome.

Insane much?

Got a simple solution to that one too. Comes in your choice of single-shot or repeater (except a repeater is not necessary unless you are so seriously incompetent you screw this up too ... Yeah. Get the repeater) and in calibers ranging from 17 to 72.

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