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Friday, January 6, 2017

This ain't writing advice: it's about the mechanics

Up front - writing advice sucks. Period. With the exception of advice once given by the late Kirt Vonnegut:

Don't listen to people telling you how to write. Go write.

So, writing is one thing. Mechanics is quite another. Some people say it is one and the same, but not to me. YMMV.

So here's your lesson in writing mechanics, which this sentence violates.

Do not use contractions.

Yeah, we use 'em in speech, our writing and everyday conversation. Contractions are almost second nature for many of us word slingers.

Don't do it. (See, done dood it again).

Why? Non-native English readers. Contractions make the words harder to read and leads to confusion on their part. You may say whyinhell should I be worried about what non native English speakers can and cannot read. Aside from the fact that a majority of the world is NOT a native English speaker, there is another reason.

But that reason falls into writing advice, so I shall not explain.

Try eliminating contractions from your writing.

I am betting you will see a difference.

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