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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

In search of the roots of evil

This is not about religion, but it discusses religion.

The Bible says love of money is a root of evil. It's that "love" and "a" part that most people leave out. Nonetheless, money may not make the world go round and it may not buy happiness, but try living without money and see how well you fare.

So the pursuit of money is a reason (please note I stated "a") I write. The other reasons I write are irrelevant to this post.

So among the things I've written are the following books. For reasons of money, Evan Jacobs tracks how well the following books are doing on Amazon. He wants money for the full report.

Why someone would pay for a report to know how well their book is selling — well, they have too much money and need to send some to me.

My books, according to Mr. Jacobs, bounce up and down in the ranks more than a female porn star on a trampoline. The highest any book ever got, as I remember is somewhere in the low hundred thousands. For some reason, I think one book broke into 50K ranks, but I'm probably mistaken.

Anyway, this list tracks books on Kindle. I don't get ebook readers I tried one. I found it more annoying than listening to a presidential speech.

Another reason I don't like ebooks is listed below. Despite a half-million point jump in the ranks, I ain't seen a penny from an ebook sale. Amazon apparently lets Kindle readers "borrow" an ebook. I have no idea if anyone is "borrowing" any of these books. For all I know, Mr. Jacobs is making up the rankings just like Congress makes up the federal budget.

I do know I ain't getting many reviews.

I ain't selling any hard copies either.

But really, that's OK. These are books I wrote for my own edification. If someone gets one and reads it, cool. If not, still cool. If someone reads one of these books and it helps 'em  become a better person, well, can't ask for more.

Ennyhoo, here's the rankings.

Hello Ben,
Here is the activity summary for your books for the past 7 days.
Old Testament Jesus
#827,094 in Kindle ( 457,958)
A Christian minister's take on Gay Marriage
#2,148,817 in Kindle ( 17,785)
#2,686,281 in Kindle ( 603)
My Mountain Won't Move
#2,725,848 in Kindle ( 2,130)
Lessons I learned in State Prison - Freedom
#3,463,787 in Kindle ( 15,066)
Evan Jacobs, Founder
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