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Friday, December 16, 2016

You may be too stupid if...

... you need a social media website to control what you see.

... you can't tell the difference between real news and satire.

... you scream about fake news while daily ingesting metric tons of it because it fits your preconceived notions of the truth.

... you won't believe mainstream middle-of-the-road media that correctly quotes real people using their real names and real titles but swear that media which uses "sources close to the situation", "anonymous sources," "speaking on condition of anonymity" and "reliable sources" are absolutely true.

If you are one of these people and you are now offended, well, chew on this: Reality is under no obligation to conform itself to your expectations.

Yassee, Facebooger is going to start tagging websites and stories because some people are too stupid and will not think for themselves. I see this as a prelude to actually blocking such sites.

FB is positioning itself as your mental nanny. Apparently this is necessary because some of you are stupid. You need someone to reign in what little brain you have. You need someone to pen you tightly in a corral and manage what you're allowed to see because "The social media giant was sharply criticized after the Nov. 8 election, as false stories were blamed for adding confusion to a dynamic campaign season. Since then, fake news and conspiracy theories were also identified as a motivating factor in a man's assault on a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C."

In short, the overlords have determined you need to be kept on a leash.

The greatest and worst thing about you being restrained? You'll never notice it.

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