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Friday, December 16, 2016

The hidden messages

One of the be-damned blessings of social media sights (correct words thankyouverymuchforasking) is the ability to block someone and stuff.

A blessing because you get to block ad hominem, which I do not tolerate on my pages. Attack the argument all you want, we'll rock that. Go after the person, then Bye Felicia!

A blessing because you get to stop the flood of nonsense.

A blessing because you get to control what comes in.

A curse because too many people use to just eliminate anything and anyone who even mildly disagree with their Weltanschauung. That's sad. If you surround yourself only with people who are carbon copies of yourself, then you are essentially in Plato's Cave.

A curse because you will (not may, but WILL), miss important things.

A curse because you are limiting yourself, not those around you.


This ability to block, deny, reject, screen, hide or whatever is not 100 percent.

It can still show up in your feeds.

A friend copies & pastes. You may do this.

This is where I'm straddling that electrified bobwar fence. Just can't decide if I support C&P to share information that's blocked.

The best way to 'splain is to give you an example. Take Facebooger.


You block Phread on FB. This means you don't want to see his stuff and you don't want him to see your stuff. All in all you're just another brick in the wall. (and you sang that, didn't you?)

Ignatious is your friend. Ignatious is Phread's friend.

Ignatious takes one of your comments and copies & pastes it so Phread can see it.

Phread can then comment, but you'll never see it. Well, you can see it if Phread does another C&P.

You blocked Phread to keep this from happening.

Does Ignatious have the right to share your comments with Phread? Without looking into the minutiae of the law, I say yes, he does.

Should Ignatious share your comments with Phread? I say no. Again, if you wanted Phread to see it, you'd unblock him.

And yet, when Ignatious shares your comments, Phread may learn something useful. That I support.

As me bud PH observed just a bit ago, "These convo's start looking funny with pieces missing."

They sure do. Sometimes it amuses me immensely.  Sometimes it makes me very sad.

When someone blocks me, I think it is hilariously depressing. I laugh at the person who blocked me. Then I am sad because I got blocked. When I block someone I have the same reaction. I'm downtrodden because that the person couldn't stay rational and I'm giddy because I drove someone around the bend.


Like prit near everything else in life, I do have a solution.


You ain't gotta like it. But you can show respect and try to understand.

To those I've blocked, if you read this, you're welcome to ask me why you are blocked. I'll explain and give you a chance to rebut. If I made a mistake, I'll own up and unblock. If my reasons are justified, well, I believe in second chances too.

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