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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Having cake and wearing it too

So, what do you think about the Supreme Court decision Citizens United? That decision often gives people spitting fits.

"CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE!" is the screamed refrain.

SCOTUS decided.

"THE SUPREME COURT GOT IT WRONG!" is screamed while slobber flies. Pardon me while I find some paper towel to wipe down the inside of my computer screen. The outside is fine. It's the screamers sending gobs of spit through the Internet that are splattering the inside of my screen.

What do you think about the SCOTUS decision on same-gender marriage?

More spittle from some. Wild cheers from others. More paper towels for me.

The fact is the same Supreme Court decided both. The High Court has ruled.

If you complain about one decision, then why aren't you complaining about all the decisions?

Because you want things to go YOUR way and be damned what the other person happens to think.

Ya takes the good, ya takes the bad. You don't get to pick and choose.

Me, I complain about all the decisions. Yep. All of them. Pick one. I'll complain. Well, maybe not all, but a lot of 'em. Certainly far more than most of you.

However, SCOTUS has decided. Yes, the high court can revisit its decision. Done so regularly. The death penalty was kicked, then reinstated. Separate but equal. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Stare decisis? Might as well say nihilism. In the "reality" I describe above, the two concepts are exactly the same.

But some of those early decisions needed to be kicked to the curb. Or did they? Do they? Depends on whom you talk to.

So, do we revisit Citizens United? OK, then can we also revisit same gender marriage? Yes huhn. Revisit Heller? Cool. How about Roe v. Wade? Where do we stop? When do we stop?

How do we stop? That's easy. Constitutional amendment.

When you complain about some SCOTUS decisions and celebrate others, just because that's the way your mind works, then you are trying to have your cake and wear it too. Yes, that statement sounds ludicrous because it is. But, it fits.

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  1. Using this type of thinking would mean that we either have to complain about everything or nothing.
    Of course, people will pick sides on the issues and that's what makes this country what it is. If we have to accept without a fight then we might as will stop calling ourselves free thinkers or the land of the free.
    People in this country diverse in all things, thought and opinion being the biggest. Our leaders and the SCOTUS will never please all of us and the simply fact that we can disagree with them is what makes this country stand out from all the others.
    The SCOTUS makes mistakes and when enough people feel strong enough about those mistakes they must revisit those mistakes. There is no statute of limitation on freedom to be able to call out bad rulings or good rulings (depending on your point of view).
    So complain away americans, scream from the rooftops in hopes to get enough fellow americans to join you and change what you think is wrong.


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