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Sunday, July 23, 2017

The violence in the system

Oooo! I managed to get a video clip in the blog. Maybe.

Anyway, this one is sparked by a FB conversation. I am not providing you the link to that discussion 'cause it is set friends only. Ergo, you couldn't see it. The discussion was over government-provided one-payer, universal health care.

And on that topic, can anyone tell me why John McCain did not go to the VA for treatment?


The point I finally made is - Might makes right. Fair warning, I talk about government-owned guns a lot in this piece, guns aimed at you, me and the guy trying to look into your windows with his binoculars. I'm even gonna prove it.

Also, I may be wrong in what I say below. If I am, please show me. Correct my mistakes. Prove where I went wrong. If you do, I guarantee I will change my view.


As Muricans, we have the 5-person-ordered right to either purchase health care or go to jail.

Yup. Go to jail.

You say no?

"Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness," the decision said.

Hey. Don't take my word for it. Here's the entire decision -

It is, according to 5 people, a tax. It is a legal federal tax. Pay it. If you don't pay up you can be arrested. You can go to jail.


Al Capone, one of the greatest REAL gangsters of all time, was arrested and sent to jail not for the crimes he was most famous for, but for not paying federal taxes.


If you have a job and your employer does not offer health insurance, you have to get it yourself or be found in violation of federal tax law. Never mind if you can't afford it. If you can't afford it and do not get it, you are punished for that.

Muricans are forced to buy something from a private company or go to jail.


Those who support OBAMAcare (I use that term because it makes some people mad), generally also support a vast array of government-supplied services.

Full stop. I like government-supplied services. Some of them. I like the ambulance service where I live. I like the fire department. I like the law enforcement agencies. I appreciate the prisons that keep some people off the street. I think prisons should do more to be self-supporting.

Re-engage that transmission and let's resume moving.

Those who support OBAMAcare et al are big on compassion, empathy and the hand of Big Brother reaching toward people.

Depending on how and where you stand that hand is:

• A handout

• A hand up

• A fist to the face

No matter where you stand or how you stand, that fist to the face is for everyone, even those participating in the up and out hands. Because in order to give you anything, government first has to take it away.

It does this by way of a gun. I explain below.

The irony of this is, if we refuse to pay, government then converts us to a massive burden on the taxpayers by stripping us of our rights and property, including our right to vote.

And you thought poll taxes were illegal!


Furthermore, we are forced to support the handout and the hand up, else the fist in the face becomes far more serious. As holding a gun with the barrel shoved up a nostril serious.

Don't like Wikipedia? Ok.

And then straight from the gunslingers -

Ever been on an IRS raid? I have. I even have the pictures, some of which I published in the newspaper I run, of IRS agents in body armor with firearms standing outside the home they were raiding.


Those who argue for government intervention services like to use words like "kindness and compassion," "moral," "ethical" and other high-falutin' words that speak to the nobility of self-sacrifice and helping those in less fortunate situations.

Except they are only looking at one side of that very tangible coin. They completely ignore and most refuse to admit the coin has an obverse.

Ah hell. Might as well spit it out. I am not insulting anyone. I am stating a fact which can be proven empirically. I will even prove it.

These people are delusional, as I prove above and below. Or, hypocrites. Take your pick. Use both.

There is nothing kind... There is nothing compassionate... There is no empathy... It is not "self-sacrifice" to go to a man and take what he owns at gunpoint so it can be given to another.


This reasoning is using violence to enforce a moral code. Period.

These same people who decry the efforts to impose a different moral code - think same-gender marriage - insist it is both right and just to enforce their moral code with violence.

How is it ethical and moral to use violence to enforce one person's moral code and not another? What makes your code of ethics and morals superior to mine?

The only difference between a robber/burglar/murderer and the government is degree. Period.

When the trigger is pulled, the machine gun does not give a spent primer who is on the receiving end.


It is, according to the "kind and compassionate" crowd, a matter of charity.

When has charity even been found at the muzzle of a gun?

Charity is doing because you want to. Not because you are forced to.

Those who demand you give and support the use of force to do this often point to the Bible, whether they believe or not. They say Jesus said we are to support the less fortunate.

Yes, we are, according to the Bible. Jesus' instructions are to individuals, not the government. Nowhere does He say it is government's job. No. It is the responsibility of individuals. And, it is a choice individuals get to make.

The difference is the "kind and compassionate" crowd is willing to use force to make you help people. The Good Samaritan is no longer a volunteer but is carrying the pack of the Roman soldier because if he does not, he goes to jail.

This is horrific? Yup. Is this deplorable? Yup. Is it illegal? Nope. The teens cannot be forced to sacrifice what they have to save another. Except, as noted above and below, they certainly can. It is just a matter of degree.

NB: Since the incident, authorities have charged the teens with failure to report a death. That's like the traffic offense "traveling too fast for conditions." In other words, we believe what you did should be illegal, but it is not, so we're going to come up with something else, make that illegal and charge you with that.


How does ruining someone square with being kind and compassionate? How is it kind and compassionate to throw a person out of his home because he could literally not afford to pay taxes?

What is kind and compassionate about throwing a person in jail for not paying taxes?

How is it kind and compassionate to take what a person has and throw them in jail because they cannot afford to buy health insurance? How this can be squared with the ethical and moral imperatives of "kindness and compassion" those who push this kind of legislation insist on.

"Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness," the decision said.


Those who argue for this government intervention into people's lives to "improve them" often fall back on the argument: It is the will of the people.

It ain't.

Aaight, so 60 percent of the eligible voters marked their X in the last election.

40 percent never voted. That leaves 60 percent left. Those votes were split. Someone with better math skills than me will have to figure the numbers. Looks like to me, the best a president (pick one, any president) did was maybe 40 percent of the eligible voters.

40 percent ain't the will of anybody except that 40 percent andnot even a unaimous will. Your elected reps speak for you. Do you support them? Binary decision. Either they do or they don't. You don't get to pick which decisions you support and which you reject. This is all or nothing because that is way our election system works. The person who takes office is not an amalgam, not a composite. The person in office is going to do exactly what he wants, regardless of your wishes.

It is all or nothing and that's your only choice. Either you support everything your elected rep does, or he does not truly speak for you.

Very very very few people running for office get a clear majority. My rep in the US House ran unopposed. He didn't even manage to get 50 percent of the total eligible votes.

That ain't the will of the people.


So let's examine this "majority rule" thing anyway, this idea that so many of the "kind and compassion" crowd talk about.

Majority rule suits them when it goes their way. When it doesn't, "Light the pitchforks, sharpen the torches and call the ACLU cause we're gonna make some lawyers rich!"

If the majority says "This is how it should be" how is it ethical and fair for the minority to say "No, it cannot be that way" and then they get their way? Careful with that sword Damocles!

They (and you, truth be told) do not want majority rule. You want your opinion and ideas to be the law of the land. Hey! Don't look at me that way. I feel the exact same way. The difference is, I'm only willing to resort to violence in defense. The K&C crowd goes on offense with violence.

Here's another hypocrisy - same gender marriage. So many people demand two consenting adults be allowed to decide how to live their lives. Excellent! But these same people have no problem in not even turning around to dictate how those two people must live their lives and expend their resources.

I'm all about "do not harm anyone." The K&C crowd is all about "We're going to harm you to help someone else."

Hypocrite much?


When groups don't get their way in the ballot box or through legislation, they head to a one-human decision maker - a judge. Eventually, some of these second vacation homes for lawyers reach the US Supreme Court where five people get to decide for the rest of the 300 million people in this nation.

Five people who are not elected. Five people appointed for life or until they decide to retire. They decide and they don't care what you want or think.

Remember OBAMAcare? We were repeatedly told, "It is not a tax."

"Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness," the decision said.

Praise the Supreme Court and pass the ammunition, got some people to ruin because they can't afford to buy something from a private company like we said they have to.


What we have here is literally slavery by any other name.

If you can be arrested, deprived "of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" for failure to share what you have, then how is this different from slavery?

Make note: Failure to share. You are not harming anyone. You are merely minding your own business. Someone comes along and takes what you have.

How is this fair?


Those who object to buying health insurance from a private company say that's the problem with OBAMAcare. We need a single-payer system, they say.

We have one. It's called the Veterans Administration. Again, can anyone tell me why John McCain didn't go to the VA?

We also have a single-operator system in so many other places. The Post Office, which used to be awesome but today can be counted on to lose important packages.

These are NOT isolated incidents. Talk to people who bulk mail regularly. Talk to the billing department at any utility.

Lots more examples of single-payer systems inefficiencies out there. For each government efficiency you present, I will present one non-government efficiency and two government inefficiencies.


Supposedly, the system of "checks and balances" is designed to protect the minority against the will of the majority. Those are not my words. Those are the words of a lawyer I personally know who has argued cases before the Supreme Court.

But this system of checks and balances absolutely relies on the support, unwilling or not, of the majority. Don't think so?

As a nation, we've hashed this out with live ammunition, plenty of dead bodies and decades of government intervention. The Civil War, reconstruction and so on, in case you don't get the reference.

But is it really support when the person giving the support is doing it at gunpoint?

Looking for some kindness and compassion. Ain't finding much. Someone help me out.


Quite often when I bring up the ideas of:

• Arresting people for not paying taxes.

• The will of the majority being overruled by the minority.

• How is it kind and compassionate to do all this?

Invectives erupt. Pick your favorite pejorative and it is applied to me and those who think like me.

Or, the subject is changed. A favorite subject change is how those who think like me (please, get professional help if you think like I do) is summed up as "Why won't you agree to help people who need it?"

Please, show me where I said do not help people who need it. Help. I see help as a voluntary action. Help is not showing up at my house with a rock&roll rifle and taking my possessions and putting me in jail.

If your idea of help is taking what someone else has, at the point of a gun, and giving it to someone else, delusional does not begin to describe you.


Ask the K&C crowd how much they do to help the "less fortunate." Direct, hands and wallet-on action. How much? When? Where? I've asked.

"That's why I pay taxes," is the usual response. Very very very few ever make their money follow their mouth. "I pay taxes" is a cop-out anyway.  People who say this distance themselves from the dirty work.

Justify it however necessary.

Let's make this personal. If you are one of the K&C crowd, I ask you, how much do you do? What are you willing to do? Give a few cans of food at Thanksgiving and Christmas to a food drive? Drop a dollar in the bucket? Give those old, stained, torn, stretched and worn out clothes to a thrift shop?

Ain't you just the heart of charity.

You are fully within your rights to ask to what I do. Words are worthless. Come spend a month with me and see for yourself. See for yourself if I walk the same as I talk. Bring some clothes that you can get bloody. Yes. Real hemoglobin. If you are gonna hang with me, you are gonna do as I do.


A few people say "This is the system we have."

Yeah. It is. I am working within the legal framework of that system to change it. So are they. Hopefully, so are you.

And now for a bad joke.

Brunhilda: Did you know bull fighting is the most popular sport in South America?

Clothilda: That's revolting!

Brunhilda: No, that's the second favorite sport.

Unfortunately, the rumblings you now feel may be the precursor to a far more physical change. Domestic terrorists are not killing people because the terrorists had a bad day. They see the killing as the only way to effect the change they want to see.

One man is a terrorist bent on mayhem and destruction. 1 million men are an army determined to enforce the will of the people and bring peace by whatever means necessary.

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.


A common argument by those supporting OBAMAcare is 1) "it is for the greater good." and 2) They admit "some people will fall through the cracks."


HELL NO in flaming letters tall enough to be read from orbit.

"The greater good" is the universal justification for the most incredible atrocities humans inflict on humans. The Inquisitions tortured people for their greater good.

"He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good." What was that "wholesome and necessary" stuff? How about protection from ,"the merciless _______ Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions. This "wholesome and necessary" stuff led to genocide.

How about Mao Tse Tung? "Over the next few years, Mao Tse-tung instituted sweeping land reform, sometimes through persuasion and other times through coercion, using violence and terror when he deemed it necessary."

Pol Pot. "During that time, about 1.5 million Cambodians out of a total population of 7 to 8 million died of starvation, execution, disease or overwork. Some estimates place the death toll even higher. One detention center, S-21, was so notorious that only seven of the roughly 20,000 people imprisoned there are known to have survived."

Stalin. "Millions of farmers refused to cooperate with Stalin’s orders and were shot or exiled as punishment. The forced collectivization also led to widespread famine across the Soviet Union that killed millions."

Can't happen here? A president killed US citizens without giving them the due process rights enshrined in the Constitution.

Foreign soil you say?

The peace prize winning president took us to war (war is defined as a military attack on a nation) into more countries than anyone else. But it was for the greater good.

Every war fought is done for "the greater good." The exact phrasing varies. The justification is exactly the same.

2) Yep. People fall through the cracks. From time immemorial, the government solution for these people is to ignore where possible, kill where ignoring them does not work and make a great show of trying to do right by these people while making life worse for them.

A terrorist by any other name...


Here's a beef ... no. Here's an entire Montana herd worth of cows I have with this. Let's make this personal.

You, you who call for kindness and compassion and insist on taking what belongs to me to make this happen. You are ... sigh. No help for it.

You are a coward.

The guy who pulls a knife and takes a wallet from someone on the street has far more courage and conviction than you do. He is willing to do the deed himself. He is willing to put his life on the line for what he wants.

You, nah. You hide behind such things as "the law" and the "will of the people" and hire other people to go out with guns to enforce your directives. You stand well-removed from the potential reality of lethal violence and let others do it because you simply don't have the courage to do it yourself. Proof below.


Yeah. You read that right. Call me out. Stand up. HUMAN UP. Do the deed yourself.

Come to my house and YOU collect what you believe I owe society. You do it. Do not depend on the hired employee to do the dirty work of your collections.

Come on.

Figured as much.


A very few of the "kind and compassionate" crowd are willing to admit to the violence inherent in the system. They even admit they do not like it. They are not forthcoming with alternatives. They cannot grasp alternatives, even when the alternatives are actually working right now.

The extremely rare person who is in the "K&C" crowd and admits these outfits do an awesome job will also say, "They don't do enough so we must have government."

And there is the violence inherent in the system. When you go from "should" to "must", then a gun barrel is shoved up someone's nostril. In the case of "government" demanding it, the nation takes the gun and shoves it up the collective nostril of the nation.

Some us a trying to put the gun down. Some are pushing it harder.


What this all comes down to is - Might makes right.

You do not have to agree. Reality is under no obligation to conform itself to your expectations and if the truth hurts, yer living wrong.

Might makes right. If enough people agree, then it becomes the right thing to do. The US Constitution SPECIFICALLY says if enough people agree, it is the right thing to do. Yes it does. Look it up. SCOTUS says the same thing. Yes huhn. Look at the decision on pornography.

What that reasoning does is kill people because they want to be in charge of what they have. Not harming anyone. But they are killed because you say they have to die because they will not surrender what they have or do what you say they have to do.

And again -

As Waylon says,

Makin' their way
The only way they know how
That's just a little bit more
Than the law will allow

I wanna see you make the dead guy understand why he had to be killed for doing nothing more than wanting to run his own life. Explain, so that he understands, that you are sorry he fell through the cracks. Tell him, so he can understand, why it was necessary for him to die so someone else could be helped.

Send me the video of your explanation, please. I'll take a transcript too, but I want to see the reaction of the dead guy.


  1. The sole purpose of a government, from a dictatorship to a democracy, is to perpetuate itself. Governments do this by fear. That fear an be real such as the gestapo or generated like ours for Muslims. We all can be and are manipulated to believe what a government wants us to believe. Case in point. Thousands of Americans, myself included were convinced that we had to got to a little country and kill communists. We did so and now we are suffering the moral consequences of taking lives for no discernible reason. The same government that has convinced generation after generation to go overseas to kill for it can easily convince young men to do the same here. So fail to buy insurance or to sell your property to a private company for the public good and you can be "handled" by your own government.

  2. Wish I could have found the edit button before I posted this. It's a bit morose but I blame that on the ptsd the government gave to me.


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