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Monday, May 1, 2017

And the sound of splodey heads

My friends on the left love to grow righteously indignant over the Citizens United case. That's the Supreme Court decision that says corporations have some of the same rights as people.

They regularly have splodey heads when this comes up.

Now cometh a decision that will cause splodey heads on the right and cheers from the left.

In short, the High Court ruled, "cities can be an 'aggrieved person' who can sue over the impact of housing discrimination on the city’s finances."

Cities are corporations. Hence the use of "incorporated" to describe them. In Georgia, cities are not Constitutional political divisions. A city is crafted by an act of the legislature. In other states, the same rule of law applies.

Here's the kicker. Either corporations have rights or they do not. SCOTUS has said corporations have rights.

That means cities can sue. That means banks, which are also corporations, are now running scared.

That means the right and left are having splodey heads. Neither said expected this turn of events. Neither side ever thought such a decision as Citizens United could cut the other way.

Now, it cuts. A whole lot of people and corporations and cities are gonna be bleeding.

The only ones who will truly benefit at the lawyers on both sides.

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