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Friday, March 4, 2016

Thank you

Can't speak for community newspapers editors everywhere, but I know a lot of us want to cover a state championship team.

I've been blessed to provide coverage for BUNCH of state champions. Circumstances prevented me from attending the state championship games at lot of the times. The times I did make to it a state playoff, the team I covered did not win the game.

Thursday, the Lady Rebels won the Georgia Basketball Championship and I was there. When the buzzer sounded, there were more than a few damp eyes on the court. Mine were two. I finally got to cover a state championship team in person from start to finish.

Wow. What a feeling. Next week's page one has a giant photo of beaming faces, a silver cup trophy and a white Wilson signature basketball. The Lady Rebs have to sign the ball yanno. For the first time in decades, I'm giving myself a photo credit. I just don't put my name under the pictures I take. This one is different. I want a reminder.

The Lady Rebs spent much of the 4th quarter just burning up the clock. Mylashia Yancey handled the ball a lot late in the 4th.  I was sitting under the goal as Mylashia Yancey dribbled back and forth across just about at mid-court as the clock wound down. Terrell County intentionally fouled her in an effort to get the ball back. The unassuming senior stepped up to the penalty shot line and sank two. When the Rebs got possession again, the Green Wave again fouled her. Two more points and the Terrell squad learned their lesson. Do not send Mylashia to the free throw line.

The game opened with Terrell's Green Wave turning it up and pouring it on. They jumped to a lead and the Lady Rebs just could not put together the offense they showed over and over again this year. I was only mildly concerned. The Lady Rebs had several "slow starts" several times this year, but they came out after halftime on fire.

This time was no different. The heat started in the second quarter when they finally went ahead. Terrell closed the gap to tie. The Rebs just got their hands up and played harder.

And, they won.

This caps a perfect 31-0 season for the Lady Rebels who are the only undefeated high school basketball team in Georgia this year.

It's also a newspaper editor bucket list item I can now check off.

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