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Thursday, October 29, 2015

What, you egg! Young fry of treachery!

Me bud Paul had an interesting post today on FB. I share it here without his permission, but expecting he will not mind, especially since I link to some of his clan's products for sale.

Ennyhoo, the subject du jour is insults. Here's Paul's take:

Humans are really stupid about insults. Have you noticed how often those that are not scatological are based on sex? Specifically, on feminizing the recipient in an attempt to belittle them.
Screw you! You Suck!
While crude and crass and not very creative, the entire point is that one is implying the other is weaker, to be subjugated, somehow broken and inferior because this is possible, even if willing. This is not cool anymore.
Notice that we have culturally adopted these offensive platitudes so habitually that we now use them against women, implying either threat or that the woman is morally inferior because she might be willing to do these things.
Again, archaic and foolish. Even today in a world where almost no one really expects their spouses to be macho-manly or obedient and virginal, I see both men and women use these terms in the same paragraph with comments that imply attraction and flirting.
It's colloquial, informal, even humorous...but seriously?
On the other hand, I mentioned my wife's soap in a post, and friends were conversing about it. One told the other "her soap is the tits".
Now THAT I understand. That's a compliment I can support - no pun intended.

He's right in part. That correct part is the origins of such insults. He's not right in that it is not cool any more. It may not be cool in his world, but Paul's world is not all of reality. 
For the record, I'm with Paul's implied opinion. Using female-based insults to attack someone is wrong because it degrades the distaff. Come on. Get creative.
However, the bigger reality says it is cool, it is normal and it is the way it should. Our entertainment industry objectifies women in a way hard core porn rarely manages. Need proof? Here's a totally safe for work videoIn much of hardcore porn, women are in control, at least according to women in the industry who are interviewed
The same could be argued about this beard video, music videos et al. I won't dispute that.
Just saying our entertainment industry and even our elected leaders relegate women to being a bit less than men.
Furthermore, women are actively participating in their own reduction to being considered less than a man.
Maybe it's not a majority of our society. But the most vocal segments of our society do say it is entirely fine to consider women a bit less than men. This makes it cool, whether we like it or not. Paul even comes close to saying as much. "...see both men and women use these terms in the same paragraph with comments that imply attraction and flirting."
I appreciate a well-chosen insult. I particularly like G-rated insults that deliver with serious gravitas. Recently had a gent insult me on FB. I was amused so I fired back and called him a "suppurating feces-crusted boil on an elephant's anus." Yeah, it has the scat reference as Paul will point out. Nonetheless I think it's rather clever. It also doesn't denigrate women.
(I also appreciate properly timed profanity, which SCIENCE! says is good for us.)
If you are interested in getting some classic, witty, intelligent and, well, simply amazing insults for personal use, Have at thee!

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  1. Permission happily granted, and I am flattered.

    Also, I totally agree. "Not cool" as in "I don't think this should be considered ok" rather than "not popular".

    ...and we know which carries more wiehgt, lol...


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