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Friday, November 23, 2012

A few words about TSA screenings...

Having traveled recently to Washington State and back via plane, I went through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening twice.
Woohoo! TSA porn!

I was not impressed. But then I generally am not positively impressed by the things the federal government does. Negative impressed every time I read about what the federal government does, yes.

Flight out, I went through the full body screener. It dinged. Of course.

I stood in front of a TSA agent who eyeballed me from a foot away. Never laid a hand on me. He passed me right through after I took my hat off and showed him the inside of it.

The tote bag I carried went through a second time after taking the tablet device out. Zipped right through.

Coming back, it went right through the first time.

Coming back the full body screener was shut down. As I prepared to step through the metal detector, I told an agent "It's gonna ding."

It did.

He asked me if I had any metal implants. I don't. He suggested I take my suspenders off and try it again.

I took my galluses off and they went through the X-ray machine. I went through the detector without a hitch.

Frankly, I go through tighter security (and looser) getting into the prison where I preach.

On the flight out, being me, I set about figuring out a few things.

I peg a 95 percent chance I can get a working gun into the cabin of a commercial airliner if I'm working by myself. Chances to 97-98 percent with an assistance. Chance of successfully getting a gun onto a plan with three people, so close to 100 percent as makes no never mind.

I also figured out how to get a knife on board.
National Remove Your Rights Agency, rather

I note I did not take a gun or a knife on the plane when Jesse & I went to Washington. I shipped 'em out west UPS and shipped 'em back FedEx.

The problem is the security protocols were created by man. Anything a man creates, man can finagle, dodge, get around or otherwise defeat. There can be no absolute security as long as a person has freedom of mind and to a lesser extent, freedom of the body. The Matrix movies come to mind here. But that's a whole 'nother subject.

Simple fact is, I betcha I can get a gun on a plane. The more people I have helping the higher the rate of success gets. Given a dozen or more people working with me, there's no chance I could not get a gun on a plane.

And that's all the details yer gonna get from me about this.

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