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Monday, March 16, 2020

Another modest proposal

Communicable diseases are rich folks diseases.

Poor folks don't get them until the rich people bring them around.

You disagree?

How many Native Americans in N and S America were wiped out by smallpox? How'd they get smallpox? Rich Europeans financed expeditions to this part of the world, exporting various diseases with 'em. The poor folks on the trips wuda stayed home, except for the rich backers sending them out.

With few exceptions, pretty much every plague that has wiped out significant parts of humanity or spread across the globe was because of rich people.

As a post I saw on FB said, corona virus is a rich person disease. Poor folks can't take cruises and fly all over the world. We go to the flea market.

China is supposed to be ground zero for this new strain of the Corona virus. China is often ground zero for a LOT of the virii that spread across the world. How do these diseases reach beyond China? Rich people from there go to other countries. Rich people from other countries visit China. They both spread the virus at home when they get back.

Poor people can't afford to make long distance trips like that.

You can argue that the military has some role in the spread of these diseases. I'm not gonna argue that, but even the military is fronted by rich people. Rich people don't join the military or get drafted. They get poor folks to do this instead. In other words, rich folks have a proxy to do the grunt work.


I have a radical idea, one that will never be accepted and most people will call me a blithering idiot for even saying it.

Let's hold the rich folks accountable.

Say a millionaire comes back from China with a virus and then infects the people around him when he gets back. It spreads from there. Thanks to DNA testing, we can source back to the original point of infection. Yes, we can. Look at the work done on the AIDs virus. Look at how other virii are traced backward to a point of origin.

We find that Patient Zero, as medical types refer to that person. Hold that person accountable for the medical bills, lost time from work and etc for everyone who gets sick as a result of the rich person being a disease vector.

Betcha we'll see a whole lot less spread of diseases. Bankrupt a few multimillionaires and they will all take a whole lot more care about where they travel and how they act when they get back.

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